Overseas healthcare

Supporting our NZDF community overseas.

What is International SOS?

NZDF provides our personnel and their families access to quality healthcare no matter where in the world they may be. International SOS (or ISOS) is the provider for medical and travel security assistance for NZDF duty travellers and NZDF personnel and their families who are on non-operational deployments.

What do I need to do?

If you are about to be deployed, or are currently overseas on a non-operational deployment, follow these steps to set up your ISOS account:

  1. Download the International SOS Assistant App to your mobile – from app.internationalsos.com (external link) or from your app store. Use NZDF’s membership number to access the app - you would have been provided this as part of your deployment/travel documentation.
  2. Save NZDF’s membership number in your mobile.
  3. Save the ISOS Assistance Centre phone number for your country in your mobile (you can find this number on the back of your NZDF ISOS Membership Card).
  4. Put your NZDF ISOS Membership Card in your wallet.
  5. Visit www.internationalsos.com to sign up for email alerts.

What does ISOS cover?

ISOS covers NZDF duty travellers and personnel on non-operational deployments. Accompanying family members are also covered by ISOS. Ensure you give them the ISOS details too.
Private travel is not covered by ISOS – remember to take out appropriate travel insurance for when you’re travelling privately to another country.

How can ISOS help me?

ISOS can give you advice on how and where to access health care. You need to arrange and pay for routine healthcare (GP visits, dentists, physiotherapy etc) yourself, then claim the cost back from your administration unit.
You can contact ISOS for any medical and travel-related questions or help. Some examples are:
  • Health emergencies
  • Doctor and dentist referrals
  • Lost wallet
  • Hotel referral
  • Directions
  • Air quality
  • Airline delays
  • Vehicle accidents
Travel and medical advice from ISOS incurs no extra charge to NZDF, so you can contact ISOS for advice on countries you’re travelling to in a private capacity.

How do I contact ISOS?

To access ISOS services, you’ll need to ring the ISOS Assistance Centre for your country. You can find this phone number on the back of your NZDF ISOS Membership Card or below. You’ll need to have the NZDF membership number ready to give the operator.

ISOS Assistance Centres


+62 361 710 505


+66 2 205 7777


+86 10 6462 9100


+971 4 601 8777


+49 6102 3588 100


+41 22 785 6464


+84 4 3934 0666

Ho Chi Minh City

+84 8 3829 8520

Hong Kong

+852 2528 9900


+62 21 750 6001


+27 11 541 1300

Kuala Lumpur

+603 2787 3126


+44 20 8762 8008


+34 91 572 4363


+63 2 6870909


+7 495 9376477


+91 22 42838383


+33 155 633 155


+1 215 942 8226


+82 2 3140 1700


+65 6338 7800


+61 2 9372 2468


+886 2 2523 2220


+81 3 3560 7183

Please ring the ISOS Assistance Centre if you're country of travel is not listed in the contacts above on +61 2 9372 2468 or contact your local HR service centre.

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