Military Police
Pirihimana Ope Kātua

Protecting NZDF people, resources, reputation and values.

Military Police

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NZDF Joint Military Police Unit

The Joint Military Police Unit (JMPU) supports the community with general policing including crime prevention and incident response services, to keep people safe. Through JMPU’s ‘Police the Force’ mission, JMPU reduce criminal harm and victimisation, deter offending, increase community safety & wellbeing, and maintain the Military Justice System.

JMPU have military police personnel (MP’s) based across all NZDF bases and camps throughout the country providing law enforcement, crime prevention, investigation of serious & criminal incidents, and custodial support to the NZDF. The unit has deployable teams to provide support wherever the NZDF is in the world.

Military Police support

Whilst Military Police are primarily focused on policing Defence Area’s and their immediate surrounds, the JMPU also provide support to the wider NZDF community in different ways including:

  • Building confidence and trust in the NZDF - Military Police presence within the community builds confidence and trust in the NZDF’s commitment to keep NZDF personnel and the community safe.
  • Enhanced security and assurance - Military Police presence deters offending in and around Defence Areas, thereby contributing to a safer community and environment.
  • Local emergency and incident response - Military Police often respond to local incidents and emergencies within the Defence Area and its immediate surrounds. Military Police personnel are trained and equipped to handle such situations and protect/preserve life until higher medical attention arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions



The Military Police operate a national investigator who can be contacted 24/7 for advice on 0800 50 11 22.

Military Police have launched a new online contact form, available on the internet and intranet. This can be used by anyone to report criminal incidents to the Military Police and reports can be anonymous. Incidents involving the NZDF can be reported, including crime affecting service people or service resources (buildings, vehicles, equipment, money), as well as allegations of crime committed by service personnel.

Simply scan the QR code below or follow the hyperlink to access the contact form. Alternately you can email