Deployment Support
Tautoko Whakahoranga

The NZDF will provide you and your whānau the support and guidance you need when your loved one is deployed.

NZDF Deployment Support

Learn about the role your Deployment Support Officer plays in supporting you and your whānau.

Deployment Services Officers (DSOs)

There are two DSOs in the New Zealand Defence Force who facilitate support and welfare services to deployed people and their families. Their expertise is in the nature or deployments and troubleshooting the many and varied welfare situations that can arise when a family member is deployed. They have a close working relationship with the chain of command and Headquarters Joint Force New Zealand and can often provide answers to deployment related questions immediately.

The DSOs work in support of overseas operational missions and other selected activities. Their services are available 24/7 and they work across all three service in NZ.

For more information check out Homebase on the Forces4Families website.

How can a DSO support you?

  • Pre-deployment Welfare and Family Support Services briefings
  • Production and distribution of resources
  • Regular communication updates for whānau
  • Pre-deployment consultation, support and advice as required
  • Facilitating communication with deployed personnel if required
  • Direct support and liaison with personnel and whānau during an emergency situation
  • Welfare support and referral when necessary
  • Facilitating and delivering deployment community engagement activities

Naval Deployment Support

The Navy Community Office (NCO) event coordinators provide a confidential information service on matters of everyday interest or concern to the Naval Community. This includes all service members and their families anywhere in the world. As part of this service they provide out of hours, up to date information about Naval vessels via 0800 NAVY HELP.

NCO Support Available

  • Monthly community newsletter
  • Hosting and management of Naval community events
  • Ships’ homecomings
  • Family oriented seminars and outings
  • Emergency and welfare support for families
  • Facilitation of messaging to ship personnel.

Is it confidential?

All deployment staff operate under strict confidentiality codes. Unless there is a situation which poses imminent threat to the serving member or whānau, whereby the deployment member may have to contact the appropriate command or welfare services. For more information please contact your local deployment support officer.

Other NZDF support

NZDF have many other support providers that can assist you and your family when managing a deployment.


Social workers

Community Support

Resources for you and your whānau

Check out these helpful resources that you can use to help navigate the deployment. For children there are several activities, books and videos to watch. For more specific resources reach out to your local deployment support officer. 

Sesame Street for Military Families

The Military Wife & Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Deployment Resources for Military Kids

Canadian Armed Forces Deployment Resources