RNZN Homeport app

Everything you need to know about the Navy.

What is Homeport?

HomePort was simply designed to give Navy pers immediate access to the administrative information, processes and regulations they need to know for their role. HomePort replicates the detailed information contained in the Navy Divisional Handbook and made it available as a downloadable app that pers can access 24/7.
“The feedback that drove the project was that no sailor is going to carry around a weighty divisional book,” said Russell Martin, Navy’s Portfolio Manager.  “Many junior sailors don’t have regular internal online access to find the information they need. But they all have mobile phones and they all use apps. This is where the HomePort app idea was born.”
Now sailors can access almost everything they need to know about their Navy when and where they need it. Resettlement assistance, leave queries, financial advice, urgent contact details for base welfare support, career guidance and even how to tie a tally ribbon. HomePort also allows for important notifications to be transmitted direct to registered users as well as displaying the Navy’s Facebook page.

Connecting to Homeport

Upload the Homeport app from the Apple app store.
Just make sure your details are correct on ESS – and your personal email is loaded - as it is from these that full access is granted.