I am a civilian

Our Defence civilians are the force behind our Force.  Without our civilian workforce the NZDF would not be able to perform at its best. This website has a range of resources to help our civilian workforce stay well, to learn more about the services and facilities NZDF provides, understand  some of the challenges and opportunities associated with the military environment and broader living, and know where you can reach out for a helping hand for yourself or others. Some sections that may be particularly useful for you include:

Your Health – an introduction to the four domains of Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social/Whanau Health, common health concerns and strategies for enhancing health.  There are a range of self-checks you can do to learn more about your health, and some tips for setting some goals and coming up with a plan of action if you want to make some changes.

You can also find tips on maintaining healthy relationships and managing some of the challenges associated with the challenges of everyday living.  These include tips on maintaining a healthy workplace, managing workloads, nutrition and exercise, healthy drinking habits and gaming, and tips for managing finances. There’s also information about managing change including that time when you are thinking about transition when you are leaving NZDF.

You can learn more about the services and support available in each camp/base location – eg. the opening hours of the gym, the library and the pool if you fancy a mind or body workout. 

There is also information about the range of support services civilians can access and how to contact these, as well as information about how you can support others. There are a range of stories from members across our community as well as videos on a range of topics.

If you cant find what you are looking for, try out the search engine. We welcome your feedback and suggestions about other resources you would like to find on this site (Contact Us).