Whenuapai Air Force Base - Whenuapai Gymnasium

The Whenuapai Gymnasium and its staff support the physical training for all service personnel within camp. The facility is open for all military and civilian employees, including their family.

Built in 2019 the Whenuapai gymnasium is a modern training facility supporting our defence personnel and their dependants.


Hours 24hrs/7 days
Email AKPERT@nzdf.mil.nz
Phone 09 417 7061
Location Well Being Zone on Turi Ave, opposite the Aviation Medical Unit (AMU)

Auckland Physical Education & Recreational Training (PE&RT)

The Auckland PE & RT provide efficient and reliable PE and RT services to all RNZAF Base Auckland personnel. The Physical Training Instructors (PTI) are both civilian and military, and have an array of skills to help individuals and groups with their physical health and wellbeing.

Group Fitness Classes

Whenuapai Gymnasium provides a variety of Group Fitness such as Circuit Training, Aerobic Conditioning, Sports, Spin and Recovery sessions. Times vary from week-to-week. For more information, contact the Gymnasium Staff or check the Shared Calendar within DIXS.

Individual Training Programmes

A PTI can provide individual training programmes for strength and cardiovascular fitness, to help you towards your specific training goals.

Rehabilitation Centre

There is a specific training area for Exercise Rehabilitation inside the Gymnasium building, next to the Staff Office. This area allows the Base Physio and the Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor to work with patients and their injuries. To book an appointment to see a Physio email or phone 0800 376 547

Recreational Training and Sports

A variety of sports tournaments are conducted throughout the year, as well as periodic recreational events on base.


Injury Management and Prevention

At times you may sustain an injury due to the nature of sports or military training. PTIs can provide advice about any concerns you may have.

Adventure Training

PTIs help deliver a variety of Adventure Training Courses to develop individual and team qualities and skills that enhance performance.

Fitness Testing

RNZAF Operational Fitness Tests will be conducted four times a week. Muster details will be emailed back as confirmation of appointment. Other tests are as below:







OFT (Nov-Apr)

8 a.m.

8 a.m.


8 a.m.

8 a.m.

OFT (May-Oct)

1 p.m.

1 p.m.   1 p.m.

1 p.m.


    8 a.m.    


    10 a.m.    

Fitness Testing Maps

OFT Run Route

OFT Alternate Run Route

RFL Run Route

RFL Alternate Run Route


The gym is a military physical and recreational training facility in the new “Well Being Zone”, neighbouring the new Aviation Medical Unit (AMU). It provides modern and efficient standards aligned to the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) future training objectives catering to 1,500 personnel. The gym is 2000m2, and contains a standard military main hall of approximately 900m2 including retractable seating for up to 300 people and a mezzanine floor. The gym is also home to sustainable initiatives such as solar power and rain water recycling.