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Wairua (spirituality) is a broad concept, but in general it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. For some people, wairua is about having a faith or religious practices, to others it's an internal connection to the universe or the sacred.
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    What is wairua?

    Discover how Taha wairua is the spiritual aspect of holistic wellbeing.
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    If you know who you are and where you are from, you will know where you are going.
  • Understanding my values image

    Understanding my values

    Values help provide life with purpose and meaning.
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    Meaning and purpose

    Having a sense of meaning and purpose makes us more resilient and determined, and less dissuaded by setbacks.
  • Connecting with culture image

    Connecting with culture

    How to connect with and cherish your cultural connections.
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    Religion and faith

    What does religion and faith mean to you?
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    Te ao Māori

    Learning and cherishing all that is Te Ao Māori - tangata whenua (relationship to land,belonging), wairua (spirituality), whakapapa (ancestral) and tikanga Māori (customs).