Health at Work

NZDF is committed to promoting a positive workplace culture to provide an inclusive, diverse and empowered working environment.
  • Positive workplace culture

    Focusing on culture is one of the highest priorities for an organisation looking to transform how people work, and improving how they feel about work.
  • Managing workload

    Tips, information and tools to maintaining a work/life balance is important so our work does not become a source of stress in our lives.
  • Deployment

    Supporting our people to stay healthy prior to, during and after deployments.
  • Ahurea - NZDF culture

    Our values are at the heart of what the NZDF does, which brings us together as a Force for New Zealand.
  • Initiating change

    Change can be exciting, but navigating it can be challenging. How do we stay in the driver's seat and be a part of change rather than an observer?
  • Transition

    Pave a smooth path through your transition from military to civilian life, by early preparation and support for the opportunities and challenges ahead.
  • Workplace safety

    Learn about the systems we have in place to manage risk and prevent harm from occurring within the workplace.

    Learn more about Op RESPECT an NZDF culture change programme, focused on creating safe, respectful and inclusive NZDF workplaces.
  • Op STAND- A safer STAND on substance use

    A culture change programme focused on the reduction and prevention of harm from substance misuse