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Self check

Use these tools to check in with how you are going. Any information you provide is anonymous; we do not collect personal information unless otherwise stated.
  • NZDF health self-assessment

    You can complete an assessment of how your health is tracking across the four domains of health in the Te Whare Tapa Whā model of health using the NZDF Self-assessment tool.
  • Resilience self-assessment

    Complete and score the assessment below to gauge how your current resilience levels are going. This will help you to identify possible areas on which you need to focus to help you through change.
  • Healthy relationships self-assessment

    What are your ‘red flags’ so you know that you are feeling unhappy because you are lonely?
  • Anxiety self-assessment

    Use this tool to check your current resilience levels. This will help you to identify possible areas on which you need to focus to help you to navigate life challenges.
  • Alcohol use

    Use this tool to learn more about your drinking patterns and recommended guidelines.
  • Mental health continuum self-assessment

    Where do you sit on the continuum?
  • Depression self-assessment

    Take this self-assessment to find out if you have symptoms of depression, then learn about care and resources to help you feel better.
  • Gambling self-test

    Know when gambling or risk taking is impacting on your life and on those around you.
  • When is trauma a problem?

    You maybe unsure as to whether you might be experiencing post-traumatic stress reactions, use this tool to help you.
  • Positive relationship quiz

    Whether you are in a long-term or casual relationship, you should be able to feel safe and treated well.