Specialist military support image

Specialist military support

Professional medical, training and social support services for our defence members.
  • Defence Health Centre  image

    Defence Health Centre

    Comprehensive primary health care and preventative health support for all NZDF members.
  • NZDF Psychology image

    NZDF Psychology

    Offering a broad range of services to enhance performance of individuals and teams across the NZDF.
  • Defence Dental Centre  image

    Defence Dental Centre

    Delivering quality oral health for NZDF personnel.
  • Physical Training Instructor image

    Physical Training Instructor

    Developing and maintaining the health, fitness and well-being of NZDF personnel.
  • Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) image

    Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI)

    Providing you the support and resources for your rehabilitation.
  • Human Performance Cell image

    Human Performance Cell

    Optimizing personal and force-wide performance through health, fitness, and performance initiatives.
  • Military Police image

    Military Police

    Protecting NZDF people, resources, reputation and values.
  • APM Physiotherapists image

    APM Physiotherapists

    Supporting your rehabilitation whilst boosting your health and wellbeing.
  • Complex Care Coordinator image

    Complex Care Coordinator

    Providing support to serving NZDF personnel with complex health needs.