NZDF Sports

Sport has always been an integral element of military life. This association stems from the high value that military organisations place on physical fitness, teamwork and camaraderie.

The purpose of sport

The purpose of sport in the NZDF is to contribute to CDF’s determination that it is essential for our military people to be fit for operations and our civilian workforce to be fit to do their job.

The objectives of NZDF Sport, which are also highlighted in many other aspects of military training and activities are as follows:

  • To encourage physical fitness
  • To promote unit morale, esprit de corps and teamwork
  • To develop personal qualities and character
  • To foster comradeship
  • To promote NZDF public image

Sport across the services

The primary role of sport in the services is to help all NZDF personnel achieve and maintain a high standard of physical fitness, while also promoting personal qualities and group cohesion.

Participation of Sports are open to all Service personnel in the Regular Force, the Territorial/Reserve Force, and permanent civilian employees who either work for or align themselves with a Service (Navy, Army, Air Force). Personnel who participate in approved Sports activities are deemed to be on duty throughout the period.

NZDF Sport 25

NZDF Sport 25 is a strategy that outlines the activities required to achieve a more Integrated Defence Force by 2025. 

The Vision for Sport25 Strategy is that by 2025:
“Participation in all Sports is maximized across the NZDF and valued as developing people who are resilient, have stamina, demonstrate flexibility and have the winning edge.”