Nutrition and Supplements
Te Kai me ngā Āpitihanga Kai

Learn how nutrition and supplements can impact your performance.

Fuelling the force

Learn the guiding principles of optimal nutrition.

Nutrition as we age

Key nutrition strategies to help us better navigate aging.

Nutrition for mental health

Good nutrition can greatly improve your mental health.

Body recomposition

Working on building lean muscle mass and reducing excess body fat is one of the best ways to improve overall health.

Nutrition for performance

Nutrition is key to optimum performance.

Force hydration

Hydration is a critical consideration for defence personnel whether they are in the field, on operations or planning a strenuous workout.

Nutrition planning

Learn how to effectively plan meals to optimise your nutrition and health.

Supplements and caffeine

Navigating the benefits and pitfalls of supplementation.


Learn how alcohol impacts on your body's ability to absorb key nutrients and impact on training effectiveness.