Retire Easy (Reverse Mortgage)

Make the most of your retirement by accessing cash from your home without the need for regular repayments. Choose between lump sum(s) or receive a regular amount. Stay in your home for as long as you want.

What is Retire Easy?

Retire Easy is a loan designed for those aged 70 and above to free up cash in their homes, making retirement more comfortable. It’s often referred to as a “reverse “or “reverse equity” mortgage. With Retire Easy, you can receive cash while retaining ownership of your home, and repayment is deferred until you permanently leave, sell or pass away.

Use the funds for thinkgs like home improvements, travel, debt consolidation, or medical expenses – the choice is yours.


Stay as long as you wish

  • Remain the owner of your property
  • Stay in your home for as long as you want

Flexible Repayments

  • No regular repayments required
  • Repay all or part of your loan at any time

Annual Interest

  • Interest is charged once-a-year, reducing overall interest payments
  • Graphical representation in the “An example – Retire Easy in action” section of PCU’s Retirement Easy Brochure

For more information:

For detailed information, visit the PCU Defence page.

Please note lending criteria and fees may apply.