Monthly Winners

Each month 16 people will receive a Prezzy card for engaging with their DFSS, New Zealand Defence KiwiSaver or New Zealand Defence Force FlexiSaver.  Winners are drawn randomly by Mercer, our savings scheme provider.  Congratulations to all of this month's winners! Prezzy cards will be posted.


April 2024 Winners:

  • Matthew Wells
  • Ewan Conaghan
  • SQNLDR Bradley Blackstock
  • Cory MacDonald
  • CDR Mark Meehan
  • CPL Patrick Harnett
  • Kristy Barker
  • PTE Lachlan Armstrong
  • LT Mac Bowmar
  • Mark Greening
  • Kerera Webster
  • LAC Nikara Ross
  • Thomas Buhr
  • LAC William Langford
  • PTE Meryl Gale
  • Shonalla Tangaere-Kaiwai

Previous Winners: