Woodbourne Air Force Base - Woodbourne Gymnasium

Woodbourne Gymnasium and its staff support the physical training of all service personnel within camp. The facility is open for all military and civilian employees, including their family.


Hours 5am - 10pm 7 days
Email WBGYMGEN@nzdf.mil.nz
Phone 03 577 1713
Location North end of Dix Street

Gym booking

Contact the gymnasium staff for details about booking the gym facilities. Please note formal training takes precedent and bookings may be cancelled if required to accommodate priority training sessions.

Woodbourne Gymnasium

The Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) are both civilian and military and have an array of skills to help individuals and groups with their physical health and wellbeing.

They are:

Group Fitness Classes 

A variety of classes throughout the week ranging from formal training to lunchtime circuits. Classes vary from week-to-week and formal training takes priority of facilities. For more information about bookings, contact the Gym Staff.

Individual Training Programmes

Individualised programmes can be provided by a PTI to help you achieve your specific training goals; whether you want to improve your general fitness, a specific training component such as strength or endurance, or have a targeted event in mind.

Exercise Rehabilitation 

Woodbourne currently have no Exercise Rehabilitation Instructors, therefore all Rehabilitation requirement are to be directed through Woodbourne DHC and the Physiotherapist.   

Recreational Training and Sports 

A variety of sports tournaments are conducted throughout the year, as well as periodic recreational events on base.

Strength and Conditioning

The Gymnasium provides the equipment and resources to train for your specific goals. PTIs can provide guidance on training advice and technique when needed.

Injury Management and Prevention 

At times, you may have an injury due to the nature of sports or military training. PTIs can provide advice around injury prevention or concerns you may have, or direct you to the Physiotherapist for treatment and management.

Adventure Training

PTIs help deliver a variety of Adventure Training Courses to develop individual and team qualities and skills that enhance performance.


The Gymnasium is made up of a large gymnasium floor, weights room, cardio room and changing rooms.

The Gymnasium floor is the size of a basketball court, and is marked with the international basketball, netball, volleyball and badminton court sizes. The weights room provides machines and free weights, benches and lifting platforms, and other equipment for individual training. The cardio room has an array of equipment from treadmills, to bikes, rowers and elliptical trainers, and a small space for other training such as stretching or core work.

Woodbourne Gym cardio and weights room