Trentham Military Camp - Trentham Physiotherapist

Providing physiotherapy support for Trentham based personnel.

NZDF member's shoulder


Hours 8am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday (by appointment only)
Phone 0800 376 547
Location  Camp Road, 100m from Main Gymnasium

Physiotherapy appointments

Booking an appointment

Ring the APM national call centre on 0800 376 547 or email APM to make an appointment. You do not need a referral from a GP. You can discuss your injury with the APM staff and they will provide advice and book you an appropriate time and location for your appointment. Learn more about the recovery pathway here.

Acute/Urgent appointments     

An acute appointment is reserved for when an injury is swelling, people who are experiencing loss of function, and when an injury will impact on their ability to keep working. APM have an obligation to see you within 3 working days but will make every effort to see you earlier if possible.

Unable to attend                           

Physio appointments are considered a place of parade (compulsory attendance). If you cannot make your appointment, ensure you contact the Physiotherapist ASAP, to ensure someone else can be booked in. Appointments are in high demand, so this allows someone else who is injured to receive an appointment in a timely manner. Your command will be notified of repeat missed appointments.                  

How long is an appointment      

Initial appointments take about 30-40 minutes. Review appointments are shorter, at 20-25 minutes.

What should I wear?        

Your PT kit or clothes you can move about comfortably in. Outer clothing may need to be removed to assess or treat the injured area so shorts, a sports bra or similar will help maintain modesty.