Linton Military Camp - Linton Gymnasium

Linton Gymnasium and its staff support the physical training of all service personnel within camp. The facility is open for all military and civilian employees, including their family.

NZDF personnel ready to take on the ropes at the gym

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5:30 a.m. - 10 p.m. 7 days

*Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m - 9:00 a.m. Service personnel only for the purpose of Unit PT, remedials and rehabilitation training. Service personnel are to wear their respective PT Kit during this time.

Phone 06 351 9653 Ext 7653
Location Kupe Street, Linton Camp

Gym booking

Contact the gymnasium staff for details about booking the gym facilities. Please note formal training takes precedent, and bookings may be cancelled if required to accommodate priority training sessions.

Linton Gymnasium

Linton Gymnasium is the central hub of the camp and caters for the largest number of Army personnel within a camp. It has an indoor and outdoor training facility, weights room, rehab centre and swimming pool.

The Gymnasium floor has two full-sized basketball courts with bleachers to allow for spectators. The courts also accommodate badminton, netball and volleyball. The weights room has a multi-station lifting rig and lifting platforms, a variety of free weights, Olympic bars, bumper plates, and other machines for training. The Outdoor Gymnasium is a covered area with an artificial rubber surface for various training.

Physical Training Instructors (PTI) work from the Linton Gymnasium. They have an array of skills to help individuals and groups with their physical health and wellbeing.

They are:

Group Fitness Classes 

A variety of classes throughout the week ranging from formal training to lunchtime circuits. Classes vary from week-to-week and formal training takes priority of facilities. For more information about bookings, contact the Fleet Gym Staff.

Individual Training Programmes

Individualised programmes can be provided by a PTI to help you achieve your specific training goals; whether you want to improve your general fitness, a specific training component such as strength or endurance, or have a targeted event in mind. Please keep in mind this service is generally only offered to service personnel.

Exercise Rehabilitation 

If service personnel are injured, the Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) will work with you in conjunction with the Physiotherapist to ensure you can get back to training as quickly as possible. Patients will be given the time and support to rehabilitate their injury back to full fitness, as well as maintaining overall fitness where possible.  Please consult with a doctor or physiotherapist at Linton camp to be referred onto rehabilitation training. 

Injury Management and Prevention

At times, you might have an injury due to the nature of sports or military training. PTIs can provide advice around injury prevention or direct you to the Physiotherapist or Defence Health Centre (DHC) for treatment and management.

Recreational Training and Sports 

A variety of sports tournaments are conducted throughout the year, as well as periodic recreational events on camp.  Located in the Linton Gymnasium foyer you will see the dates and point of contact for regional and service sports.

Strength and Conditioning

The Gymnasium provides the equipment and resources to train for your specific goals. PTIs can provide guidance on training and technique where required.


Fitness Testing

Fitness tests are run with limited numbers, so individuals must register ahead of the testing day. Ensure you are dressed appropriately and have warmed up prior to the start time.

Tests can at times be cancelled at short notice; check with the gymnasium on the day of your test. 

Fitness Testing Map

Fitness Test Timings every Monday

Fitness Test Timings every Wednesday & Friday

Required Fitness Test (RFL) - On the day of testing, participants meet up at the start point 5 mins before the test start time to receive a brief on the test protocols. The PTI will also conduct a nominal roll call to ensure those who've registered are present.

The RFL run route is 1 & 1/3 laps of the teardrop-shaped track, running in an anticlockwise direction. To complete the test, the push ups and curl ups will be conducted at the gym. 

Land Combat Fitness Test (LCFT) - On test day, participants meet up behind the gym, by the lift and place platform 5 mins early to sign for a weighted vest and receive a brief on the conduct and safety aspects of the test. The PTI will also conduct a nominal roll call to ensure those who've registered are present.

The LCFT run route is 2 & 1/4 laps of the teardrop-shaped track, running in an anti-clockwise direction. The first three components of the test (Lift and place, Fire and manoeuvre, and Lift and carry) are conducted behind the pool and on the sports field.

Note: Participants are to source their own weapons for the test. Issued boots only to be worn, unless proven and authorised with a medical chit for other footwear.

Basic Water Swim Test (BWST) - Participants are to meet at the Kupe Pool 5 mins prior to the test time. You can register on the day at the pool. PTIs can provide uniforms; however, they are limited.

Group Fitness Classes

A variety of classes throughout the week ranging from formal training for service personnel to lunchtime circuits and yoga for civilian and service personnel.  Classes can vary from week-to-week and formal training takes priority of facilities.

Standard Weekly Classes



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