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Links and Apps

This section outlines some of useful apps and websites that have information and tools for managing and building better mental health.

Links and Apps

Free apps

ResCo App - 

This app has been developed and adapted for us by the Canadian Defence Force based on their resilience app (R2MR). It has a range of tools designed to complement our NZDF resilience training, as well as links to local support services (NZDF and broader community). The app is now available to iPhone and Android users.

High Res – tools for managing daily stress and building resilience.

Living Well – practical resources and support and suggestions to support living a healthier lifestyle.

Virtual Hopebox – resilience tools.

Mindshift - aims to help teens and young adults cope with stress and anxiety.

Force Fit – building your fitness.

PTSD Coach - designed for Veterans and military Service Members who have, or may have, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Mood tracker –

Ttool for tracking emotional experiences over time.  Comes with six pre-loaded issues: anxiety, depression, general well-being, head injury, post-traumatic stress, and stress.

Battle Buddy (US) - tools and information needed to assist your buddy during a crisis.

Lfe Armour (US) – tools for managing common mental health concerns.

Sesame Street for Military Families (US) – resources for children managing challenges of military life (including moving houses and deployments)

Calm - Tools to meditate, sleep and relax.

CBT-I Coach – improving sleep habits and dealing with insomnia.

Operation Life (AUS)– self-help tools for dealing with suicidal thoughts. link)  is a UK-based directory of health apps with ratings from users.  Includes a range of mental health apps across a range of categories including ADHD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, coping with society at large, depression, general mental health, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic-disorder, phobia, and stress.

Website links

NZDF websites

(external link)NZDF Force for Families website(external link)

Homebase website(external link)

General Mental Health information, stories and tools

Mental Health Foundation(external link) – information, stories, tools and support

(external link)Thelowdown(external link) – information, stories, and interactive site designed for young people

(external link)Ministry of Health website(external link) mental health section - useful self-help resources for recognising and managing stress

(external link)Health Promotion Agency(external link) – range of health information for New Zealanders

(external link)CALM(external link) -  Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind (University of Auckland)

Living Well(external link) - practical resources and support for men

This Way Up(external link) – online self help courses (Australian site) link)  – information, resources and support link)  – anxiety and depression (Australian site)

Skylight(external link) - offers services to those facing tough times of change, loss, trauma and grief - whatever the cause, and whatever their age (including for children)

Like Minds Like Mine(external link) - aims to address stigma and discrimination sometimes associated with mental illness, contains resources, help options and stories from people with mental illness

Live More Awesome(external link) – “the organisation that tackles depression differently and positively with simple, effective and awesome initiatives and events” – Jimmy Hunt and Dan Drupsteen (NZ) link)  – information, advice, research & resources to help prevent & reduce alcohol-related harm link)  – support for problems with gambling

After Deployment(external link) - provides a range of useful information for those returning from deployments for military personnel and families (US site)

(external link)Le Va(external link) -  resources, tools, information and support for Pacifika people

Te Rau Matatini(external link) - information about Māori workforce training, education and capability-building solutions


New Zealand Veterans(external link)

(external link)At Ease(external link) – site for Veterans (Australian site) link)   - real life stories and videos (US site) link) - RSA offers a range of support services to current and former service personnel of all ages, and their dependents. link) - Volunteer Veterans NGO that provides immediate welfare assistance to past and presente members of the NZDF

Families and Relationships link) - information and resource site for NZDF family members link)  – support, information and resources for those supporting family members with mental illness link)  – support for the military community (US site)

Youth and Children link)  – online comp[uter game sponsored by the Ministry of Health intended to help young people with mild to moderate depression, stress or anxiety link)  - website for young people for when life gets stressful link)  - Australian youth mental health information service that includes a variety of apps and tools for young people (Australian site) link) - free wellbeing web-based support

Mental Health Workplace Employer Toolkit

The Mental Health Foundation has developed three great new toolkits for organisations, managers and individual employees to help them deal positively with mental health issues that arise in the workplace. 

These offer resources, practical tools and background information to help workplaces support colleagues who are going through difficult times.

They aim to help managers and organisations to improve in areas of recruitment, staff retention and transition, and help to improve workplace wellbeing.

Mental Health in the Workplace – Manager(external link)

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a learning resource for managers to help them deal positively with mental health issues that arise in the workplace.

Mental Health in the Workplace – Employee(external link)

The purpose of this toolkit is to give you some basic information about mental health problems in the workplace and about your rights and responsibilities as an employee.

Mental Health in the Workplace – Organisation(external link)

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide information and resources for creating a positive and inclusive workplace for all workers, including those who have mental health problems