Positive relationship quiz
Kēmu hononga tangata pai

Whether you are in a long-term or casual relationship, you should be able to feel safe and treated well.

Assess yourself

Take the quiz to See How healthy your relationship is. Select yes or no.

The person I am with ...

1. Supports my choices
2. Listens to my opinions
3. Is positive and encourages me
4. Accepts when I say I don’t want to have sex
5. Accepts what I wear and how I look
6. Is not liked by my friends and family
7. Makes me feel like I can’t do anything right
8. Makes fun of me or calls me names
9. Sulks or gets angry when he/she doesn’t get what they want
10. Blames me for his/her problems
11. Texts or calls me all the time to check up on me
12. Makes it hard for me to see my friends and family and gets jealous when I do.
13. Pressures me to have sex or do things I don’t want to
14. Threatens to hurt himself/herself, me or others
15. Does things that scare me (breaking things, yelling, driving fast)

In a relationship, I…

1. Support my partner’s decisions
2. Get on OK with her/his friends and family
3. Listen to her/his opinion
4. Spend time by myself
5. Trust my partner
6. Criticise or make fun of her/him in front of others
7. Get annoyed if I want sex but she/he doesn’t
8. Get jealous when she/he talks to others
9. Constantly worry she/he is cheating on me
10. Text or call all the time to check up on them
11. Follow or check up on them (read their texts or emails)
12. Often get upset about what she/he does
13. Expect her/ him to tell me where they are all the time
14. Think it’s OK to be rough sometimes
15. Take out my frustrations on her/him