Wellbeing week

Press Pause

NZDF's first Wellbeing Week is on from Monday, June 13!

It's a timely reminder for us all to Press Pause - and check in with how you - and those around you - are doing.

When you're juggling work, home life and other responsibilities it's easy to let healthy habits and self-care slide, and ignore signs that you might not be feeling 100 percent.

Let's Press Pause, and reset. We have a great line up of speakers and something for everyone this week.

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Find out what's on:


Checking in on wellbeing 

Have you got a lot on your plate? Are you worried you're not firing on all cylinders, or are you concerned about someone else? Maybe you have a big event coming up and want to make sure you're ‘fighting fit’ in all aspects of health.

If you want to learn more about wellbeing, and the tools and resources available to help you thrive and perform at your best, then this pre-recorded webinar is for you!

Our panelists share their mātauranga (knowledge) and personal experiences about why it's important to Press Pause.  


Facilitator: Kate Heather-Smith


  • LTCOL Bob Duncan
  • LAC Anaru Tepania
  • Angeline Lambert
  • SQNLDR Carsten Grimm
  • Chaplain Tony Brooking
  • WO Lance Graham
  • WO1 Jason Rapana
  • Antonia Nicholson
  • Laura Barnes

Spotlight on Wellbeing - Knowing when to Press Pause

Spotlight on wellbeing for Men's health week

It's also 'Men's Health Week'.

Join this discussion to hear from our 'front line operators' as they share their personal stories about wellbeing, times they wish they had pressed pause, and what they learned along the way.


Facilitator: LTCOL Steve Kearney - Chief Mental Health Officer


  • Kane Briscoe - Farmstrong
  • Josh Darby - Fire and Emergency New Zealand
  • WO1 Jason Rapana - NZDF

Spotlight on Wellbeing for Men's Health Week


Is it time to rethink how we train and recover?

Join Physio Jo Williams as they run you through the principles for training and recovery in the COVID-19 environment.




Is it time to rethink how we train and recover?

Press Pause to talk finances 

Mark Williamson from our Force Financial Hub will be talking about the importance of financial health - and offering tips for how to improve and maintain it.

Tune in to learn about what tools are available to help you with budgeting, investments, and superannuation, and to receive some guidance on where to start.

Let's Talk finances

Press Pause to reconnect

Life can be challenging for NZDF families, particularly for military families as they post around the country or take care of things at home.

Join an NZDF social worker as they talk with former Black Sticks hockey player Gemma McCaw about relationships and family health.

Recording of the webinar COMING SOON



Press Pause to boost healthy habits

What you eat can have a huge impact on how you feel, both physically and mentally.

Join Professor Julia Rucklidge below to learn about how your diet can help bolster resilience, minimise the risk of developing common mental health issues, and help keep you performing at the top of your game even through more challenging times.

Dr Julia Rucklidge - Nutrition

Healthy habits - Exercise during pregnancy

Join Major Raylene Grant from the Physical Performance Squadron as she talks the How and Why of safe exercising after pregnancy and when to return to running.


Healthy habits Exercise during pregnancy

Pelvic Floor exercises

Boosting physical performance and sleeping well

Within NZDF is a group of uniformed scientists, who know a lot about helping people thrive in challenging circumstances.

Join Major Jacques Rousseau and Captain Dave Edgar from the Human Performance Cell as they share advice and tips for exercising as we grow older.

They'll also talk about the importance of healthy sleep habits and what you can do if you're not sleeping well.


Boosting physical performance and sleeping well

Healthy Habits - Exercise for post-partum

Join Major Raylene Grant from the Physical Performance Squadron as she talks the How and Why of safe exercising after pregnancy and when to return to running. 

Healthy Habits - Exercise post-partum


Press Pause to recharge our resilience 

Throughout our lives we all face challenges we must try and navigate through.

Today we're joined by Ted Talk speaker Dr Lucy Hone who'll be sharing some great insights about how to do this, as well as her tips for staying resilient through the tough times.

Dr Lucy Hone is a Senior Professor at the University of Canterbury, a co-director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience, a published academic researcher and best-selling author.

Her TED talk, the Three Secrets of Resilient People, has had more than 6 million views and has been translated into 15 different languages.

Contact integrated.wellness@nzdf.mil.nz for a recording of the webinar


Managing workload and avoiding burnout

If you're stressed at work, it can lead to fatigue and exhaustion.

Join NZDF's Director of Psychology, Wing Commander Caro Pezaro, for a great discussion about workplace stress, burnout, and managing workload.

Contact integrated.wellness@nzdf.mil.nz for a recording of the webinar

Press Pause in the workplace

The atmosphere we work within affects our happiness, the way we interact with others, how we behave, and how productive and engaged we are with our work.

Join our panel as they talk about the importance of a healthy workplace culture, work-life balance, and what to do when things aren't okay.


Facilitator: Nina Russell, Diversity & Inclusion


  • Kurt Baker - All Black Sevens player
  • Wg Cdr Caro Pezaro - NZDF Director of Psychology
  • Brig Matt Weston - NZDF Chief People Officer
  • Tamara Hamiora- NZDF, Civilian of the year
  • Brad Poulter - Diversity & Inclusion

Press Pause in the Workplace

See our Wellness Books 2022 for a range of wellbeing books and resources available to request via the Defence libraries for NZDF personnel.