Looking after yourself and others

Staying at home (Self-isolation)

Staying at home and self-isolation -  New Zealand Government guidance on staying at home and self-isolation and tools to help you plan your way through. 

Wondering when you need to isolate? Click here

Wearing masks

NZDF Mask fact sheet 2022

Wellness and healthy habits

NZDF COVID-19 Effective Sleep Habits 
Tips on effective sleep habits

Maintaining wellness in the COVID-19 environment
Tips on developing your self-isolation plan, keeping connected and supporting your team through COVID-19

NZDF COVID-19 Wellbeing guide for Kiwis overseas on NZDF non-operational service
An integrated wellness guide

Alcohol use and lockdown
Healthier ways of coping with the challenges of lockdown

NZDF Mindfulness resources
Quick-start guide and resources to help you developing your mindfulness

Staying at the top of your game 
Guide for the defence community on maintaining health

COVID-19 - taking care of your mental wellbeing 
Top ways to look after your mental wellbeing from the Ministry of Health

Veterans' Affairs
COVID-19 information hub for veterans

COVID-19: Information for disabled people and their family/whānau
Ministry of Health information for disabled people and their family and whānau

Returning to Physical Activity post COVID-19 Factsheet 
Guidance for returning to physical activity post COVID-19

Principles for Training and Recovery in the COVID-19 environment
Is it time to rethink how we train and recover? Presented by NZDF Physio, Jo Williams


Families, whānau and relationships

NZDF COVID-19 Families and children
Guide with tips for families and children 

NZDF COVID-19 Families and whānau with an essential worker
Guide with tips for essential workers and their families 

NZDF COVID-19 Health relationships - Partners
Guide with tips about healthy relationships with partners

NZDF COVID-19 healthy relationships - our team
Tips for maintaining healthy relationships with teams 

Ministry of Education COVID-19 page 
Information and advice for students, whānau, and the education sector.

Talking to children about COVID-19
Guidance for parents, caregivers, whānau and teachers from the Ministry of Education.

LeVa COVID-19 resources

Catch yourself
Factsheet with information on how to maintain respectful relationships with people in your bubble during the COVID-19 pandemic

Back to school worries
A resource for parents and caregivers who may be worried about their children in returning to school during COVID-19.

Navigating Depression

Navigating anxiety

Information for checking in on your mates who may be experiencing emotions like depression and/or anxiety 

Respectful relationships
Maintaining healthy relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Trouble in your bubble 
Tools to help you manage issues you may experience in your bubble

Useful contacts, resources and support options

If you are unwell with flu like symptoms call the COVID-19 Healthline 0800 358 5453 (or for international SIMs call +64 9 358 5453) or phone your local GP/DHC before turning up to be assessed.

NZDF4U Wellbeing Support - All members of NZDF and the Defence community can call 0800 NZDF4U (0800 693 348)  or text 8881 for 24/7 confidential support which includes both telephone and video calling (from outside New Zealand call: +64 9 4149914).

Internal support options are available for NZDF members – check out Get Help Now

Other resources:

NZDF COVID-19 Wellness apps, contacts and websites