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Services to help your family

The New Zealand Defence Force has a range of help services available to support personnel and their families with any number of issues. This section lists some of the most important contacts and a brief description of the service for those seeking help from the NZDF. There are also many external organisations that provide help too, of which smoe are listed here. If what you are after is not mentioned here, ask one of the NZDF services mentioned.

Services to help your family

While being part of the NZDF community as a military family provides many opportunities, experiences and connections that will strengthen your family, at times there can be challenges as well. 

Serving in the military is not without its risks and challenges, and making plans when things are going well is the best way to ensure your loved ones know what they need to do and where they can go for help if problems arise.

For families of NZDF personnel 

So that you can connect with, and feel that you belong to the wider NZDF community, we have staff located at each camp and base. Chaplains, Defence Community Facilitators and Social Workers are available to support NZDF members, families and whanau.

Help is also is at hand for families of serving members from the following sources:

  • The NZDF confidential help line NZDF4U Wellbeing Support (0800 693348)
  • Force 4 Families is an important source of help
  • Family support staff at camps and bases

New Zealand Veteran Affairs (VANZ)

Help for families is also available through VANZ which provides free and confidential, nationwide counselling and support for qualifying operations-related mental health and wellbeing conditions.  For help, to learn more, or to check eligibility for VANZ services, call 08004VETERANS or visit link)

External help agencies

Help with relationships

The stronger your family relationships are, the more likely you are to deal positively with any potential mental health problems that may arise. The following are places you can go to for help in maintaining strong relationships:

Help with parenting

When we become parents there’s no universal “how to” manual and mostly we learn as we go along, because everyone’s situation is different. However, we all need help from time to time and although close friends and family can be a good source of help, sometimes it’s hard to ask. When you need good quality third party help, the internet is a good place to start. Following are places you can go for help:

Help with family violence

If you are concerned about violence or abuse issues in your relationship, link) includes a range of services to help including family violence programs.

If you need urgent help, call 111 or the Family Violence Info line on 0800 456 450

Help with being a carer link) and link) both provide the best possible quality of life and recovery to their loved one who has a mental illness, and helps family members with their own self-care.


If you have any quetions about our EAP service, we have created a FAQ's page. Click here.