Family Violence

Family Violence

Family violence has lasting impacts on victims, their families and communities, and wider society. There is now greater understanding about family violence and the ongoing effects it has on the lives of victims. Eliminating family violence requires a multi-faceted approach, with action and support from Parliament, all of Government, businesses, communities and family and whanau.

NZDF is committed to making a real difference to those people whose lives are affected by family violence.

On 1 April the Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Act (2018) came into force. This resulted in a number of changes to the Holidays Act, Employment Relations Act, and the Human Rights Act. Key changes include the introduction of short-term flexible working and domestic violence leave.

Short-Term Flexible Working. The right for members of NZDF to request a short-term variation (two months or shorter) to their working arrangement, including a variation to duties or any other variation the member needs to deal with the effects of family violence. Commanders/managers are required to respond within 10 days from receiving a request and must provide the member with information about appropriate family violence support services.

Domestic Violence Leave. A new provision of up to 10 days domestic violence leave each year.

Further information for Safe Families/Whānau including support information can be found here: