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Preparing to Leave the Military

Your service is greatly appreciated and we want to ensure that you feel well supported as you now take on new goals. We know that it can be difficult to make major life changes like this, so we have pulled together relevant material, into one place, to help you and your family make a successful transition.

Preparing to Leave the Military

This Guide to Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life has information that can be read at any time during military service, in preparation for and to help members and their families to make a successful transition into civilian life.

It provides tips and advice to help with an understanding of the important elements associated with 'military-to-civilian' transition.

It includes important aspects such as; career planning, release administration, consideration of one’s wellbeing in transition and being able to identify support options available external to NZDF.

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Guide to Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life
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Please note that any references to NZDF specific information in this Guide should also be read in conjunction with current NZDF policy and other resources; such as Military Release, ROSOs and Corps/Trade/Branch Change on the NZDF internal website (not available on the internet).

If you have any Improvement suggestions regarding this Guide to Transitioning from Military Civilian Life, please email