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NZDF4U Wellbeing Support FAQs

We often get questions about our 0800 number, so we thought we would put them all in one easy place for you to find.


Who can contact 0800 NZDF4U?

All members of NZDF and the Defence community can call for 24/7 confidential support. This includes civilians, military, veterans, reserves and family members. 

Who answers the phone when I call 0800 NZDF4U?

A health professional (outside of the NZDF) answers your call. They will assess what’s going on for you and discuss support options.

What support can I get?

You can access face-to-face, Zoom (similar to Skype), or over the phone counselling when you call through the 0800 number.

Can I contact 0800 NZDF4U from overseas?

Yes, you can call +64 9 414 9914 and if you prefer to be called back due to international calling fees, this can be arranged. In cases where the caller is on deployment NZDF4U will notify the Medical Officer J1 Health Branch.

What issues can I call about?

You can call about any issue you want help with. This can include anything from general stress/depression/anxiety, relationship troubles, financial worries, post-deployment problems, to transitioning out of NZDF. The  health practitioner will help direct you towards the best support for you. If you have an emergency dial 111. 

Who can access EAP counselling?

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) counselling support services (up to six sessions) are accessible to regular force and civilians for any issue. EAP services (up to six sessions) are also available for Reserves and Families of NZDF members for defence related issues. The nature of this support will be based on need and may include referral to EAP, community support and health services, and/or Veterans Affairs. Family members accessing EAP will be asked to confirm their connection to NZDF; this will be recorded but not shared with the NZDF member or broader NZDF without permission.

Can a person in uniform access face-to-face counselling?

Yes! When a service person calls the 0800 number they can be referred to EAP for counselling. This is confidential. You may be encouraged to contact a NZDF health provider so that appropriate internal support can be arranged but you can access support through EAP if you are not comfortable with this.

Will my manager find out?

No. You are not required to identify yourself unless you choose to. The counselor will ask for your first name / how you would like to be addressed. 

Is it confidential for uniformed people too?

Yes! No information is given to the caller’s manager (or anyone within the NZDF). The counsellor will know your name if you choose to provide it. Either way, no personal details are sent to NZDF. You will only be asked to provide some basic demographic information for reporting purposes (e.g. civilian/ military/ veteran/ reserve/ family member). You may be asked if you are comfortable with relevant health information being shared  with NZDF so it can be  stored on your NZDF health record or additional support arranged through NZDF, but this is voluntary.

How many counselling sessions are available to me?

Eligible pers (see above) may access up to 6 sessions. 

What can I do if I don’t make a connection with my counsellor or I don’t feel like they are the right person for me to talk to?

You are welcome to request a different counsellor. Click here to see a full list of Vitae counsellors available to you.

Can a family member call 0800 NZDF4U (without the NZDF employee present)?

Yes! They just need to state that they are an NZDF family member. This information is only kept on the caller’s confidential file and is not shared with NZDF or any other person. 

Are there any circumstances in which my information might be shared?

If you (or another person) is at an immediate risk of harm, the counsellor is required by law to report this to necessary parties. For example, if you report to your counsellor that you intend to hurt yourself or somebody else, the counsellor may contact emergency services and the NZDF.

Can I get time off to attend an EAP counselling appointment during work time? Do I need to take leave or make the time up?


If you are attending an EAP appointment during work hours, you will need to let your 1-up know you have an appointment to attend. You don’t need to specify that it is a EAP counselling appointment however your manager will need to be made aware the appointment is for medical purposes. Generally for sick leave, ‘no deduction will be made for absence of less than two hours’ but please check your employment agreement. If you require more than two hours to attend your EAP appointment, you will need to discuss this with your 1-up in advance to get their approval or to make alternative arrangements.  Please email if you have questions or concerns about this.

Military personnel

If you need to attend an EAP appointment during work hours, you will need to let your 1-up know that you have a specialist appointment. Wherever possible you should be released to attend, or supported to make an alternative appointment time if this is not possible. You don’t need to specify that it is a EAP counselling appointment. If you need an appointment urgently, please contact your Health Centre