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Lincoln's story – Depression

I’d had a fair bit happening in my personal life and work was busy too. For the first time in my career my boss told me I wasn’t on the top of my game, I was dropping the ball on things. I already knew I was but didn’t know what was going on.

Eventually I went to my doctor and started talking. That was initially a bit hard but he was great. He put me on medication and told me to have a couple of weeks sick leave which I did. It wasn’t long before I started feeling back to my old self again. It was hard for me to accept at first, I was the least likely person to ever be depressed, but when I told a couple of mates, turns out they’d been through something similar, but it’s something people don’t talk about.

One of the hardest things was coming back to work and people treating me differently. Somehow word had got around. People didn’t say anything but were acting differently around me, that was the annoying bit. Yes I’d had a bout of depression, lots of people do apparently. It’s time to rid the organisation of stigma and ignorance about mental health.

My message is, don't treat people with a mental health issue differently. And if you are not going ok get some help.