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How can my manager support me?

How can my manager support me?

When it comes to work, the NZDF has a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015 to provide a work environment that manages the risk of harm. This means the NZDF has a responsibility to prevent and protect from harm at work, including psychological harm.

Note: there are some exemptions from HSWA 2015 for NZDF operational activities.

At work, sometimes we have limited control over how things are managed. So it’s important that our managers and Command support us where possible. A responsible workplace designs its roles and work to eliminate or minimise the things that can cause us stress at work. However, sometimes things can change, or it isn’t realistic to eliminate the cause of stress. Where a cause of stress can’t be eliminated, the NZDF has a responsibility to minimise this so far as reasonably practicable. The NZDF and our managers/Command can help us with:

  • DEMAND: our workload, deadlines, hours of work, work-life balance
  • CONTROL: how we do our job, and the freedom to make decisions with our work
  • SUPPORT: the resources available to us, access to information, communication
  • WORK RELATIONSHIPS: with our colleagues and manager or chain of command
  • ROLE: our working conditions, environment, culture, pay and benefits
  • CHANGE: when things change at work, our security in our role and team

If you are having concerns with any of the points above, have a chat with your manager or command about how they can support you and make appropriate changes. It also shows your manager that you are proactive with managing your wellbeing and your work environment. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your manager, you can seek support from a variety of support people, just click here [PDF, 361 KB].